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This is an exciting blog for me to write – oh wait this is my 2nd time writing my review about this since my first review about Foreo products was deleted a couple of months ago when my laptop gave up on me. But here I am now excited and humbled to share with you my experience using two popular devices from the POPULAR Swedish brand FOREO.

Some of you may not be familiar yet with FOREO, so let me introduce to you their brand. FOREO started last 2013 and is passionate about the future and potential of technology in the beauty industry. The brand was first known for its LUNA Skincare devices and it has changed how you do your skincare game ever since. Their recent launch of the UFO smart mask device has transformed the world of face masks, turning daily skincare routines into pampering rituals.

I was lucky enough to own 2 beauty devices from Foreo namely, UFO Smart mask Treatment device and Foreo BEAR. I’ll be talking about Foreo UFO Smart mask Treatment first on this blog. I’ll say this now, I’m super obsessed with using the UFO Smart Mask Treatment device and I need a refill of their masks anytime now. What exactly is the UFO Smart Mask Treatment device and what does it do?

Below are the details I got from their website

UFO by Foreo is a transcendent smart mask treatment, UFO combines advanced dermal technologies with exclusive Korean mask formulas for a decadent facial treatment in seconds. Experience the beauty of innovation, and transform your complexion with UFO.

It has this unique Hyper-Infusion technology that uses your skin’s natural reactions to heat and cold and also has a signature T-sonic pulsation to ensure you get the most out of every mask treatment. The UFO by Foreo also uses 3 LED Light Therapy targeted photofacials to effortlessly rejuvenate your skin – Red, Green, and Blue.

At first, I was intimidated by the UFO by Foreo since it will be my first time using this kind of device. But when I first tried it I was surprised at how easy it is to use this product. Check the steps below: (This is based on my experience)

  1. Download the FOREO app on the Google Play Store or App Store

  2. Create your account and connect your UFO device to your phone via Bluetooth

  3. Press at least 5 seconds to switch on the device

  4. Choose your mask of the day and place the sheet mask on the device properly (TAKE YOUR TIME)

  5. Scan the barcode located on the back of the mask

  6. And now you’re ready to enjoy your 90-second Smart Mask Treatment

This is one of the skincare routines I never forgot to use since I was really looking forward to using it every night! Yup, every night! I told you I was getting addicted to using it. HAHA but anyway, I tried it every night on my first week of using the device. I’m happy with the results after my first 90-second treatment. I did my first ever treatment using the device while I was doing my live on an e-commerce platform and I got feedback from my viewers that my skin looked more glowing and it helped with the puffiness of my eyebags it even brightened it after my first use. I love the effect especially when I use the mask that has a cold treatment. I’m in love!

I didn’t experience any breakouts while using the device and the face masks that come with it. Using this device every night helped me relax (The girl who speaks while the treatment is ongoing really has a relaxing voice – it also helps! Haha) and it felt like I was in a derma clinic having a facial. I also noticed that it helped me with getting rid of the dryness of my face every time I use this. The glow, the glassy skin it gives, and all the other benefits that this device has to offer makes it all worth the splurge for me!

PS. I also tried using the UFO by FOREO with my other face sheet masks specifically masks that have a brightening effect and it also did wonders to my skin. The serum is easily absorbed and I feel that my other sheet masks are more effective when I use the device with it. So, don’t worry if you run out of the activated masks stock and you’re still waiting for it to arrive, use your other face mask first! Yay!

FOREO is finally available here in the Philippines, Get it here.

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