Saturday, 12 September 2020

Whisper’s #TheNewBrave Campaign: What is it about?

I will be talking about something personal today that women can truly relate to. Today we will take a detour from the usual blogs that we have and discuss Whisper’s #TheNewBrave Campaign.

What is this #TheNewBrave Campaign of Whisper you might ask? Basically, this is a new product of Whisper that will help you go through the new normal life in the midst of this pandemic. They made a better product to make sure that it will maximize your comfort during those days.

If you want to know more about Whisper's newest campaign #TheNewBrave watch this video

Embrace the new brave
From periods to pandemics, Whisper salutes and supports all women as they go through life's challenges and helps them embrace #TheNewBrave
Posted by Whisper Philippines on Thursday, September 10, 2020

I must say that I am elated that Whisper is launching a campaign like this during this pandemic. It lessens the stress and burden to women in these times. The fact that they are launching a product in this campaign shows that they care for the comfort of the consumers. The #TheNewBrave campaign is about finding joy and victory in the small things. It just shows that there is less thing to worry about in the world that we live in today.

The #TheNewBrave campaign celebrates the new bravery women have embraced in this pandemic by adapting to the situation. Coping with different work and life schedules and demands, Whisper wants every woman out there to know that they support them wholeheartedly.

I fully support Whisper’s #TheNewBrave Campaign during this pandemic. It does not only emphasizes on the needed comfort of women during those weeks wherein they feel extra irritated but it also praises women that are evolving to cope with the new normal in their respective workplaces.        


  1. Wow whisper is so nice talaga for girls! Good Choice Ms. Danica😍 More Blogs to come po😘

  2. Really love this review ate Danica. Sobrang cool at sarap gamitin

  3. I'm using whisper on my period days and makes my period days comfortable. The video made me cry. Love this!❣️

  4. I love whisper ❤ The best for women 3x longer protection ❤ and super comportable love this ❤


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