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Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee - Antipolo

"Authentic Korean Breads Freshly Baked 365 Days a year."

Are you looking for a place to chill that has an awesome scenery and is peaceful? This coffee shop might be perfect for you! Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee is the way to go! 

Me and my friends went to Papa Kim's Bakery and Coffee last August 24 at their Antipolo Branch.

When you enter their coffee shop you will see this section wherein you can taste their "Bread of the day" for free. This for me is an excellent move because it will somehow make their customers feel at home or welcomed right after entering the store.

Say hello to their counter where you can order and find these delicious cute cakes. They offer different kinds of cakes, you can buy the whole cake or just a slice of it. Here are some photos of the pastries they offer:

I wasn't able to take a photo of all their pastries because I was excited to order and to try their food. HAHA Yas! I'm always hungry.

At the counter they also have a sample product display of their yummy Bingsu!

This is where you can find the different kinds of bread they offer for the day. You can also find here the description and price of each bread. Making your life easier. haha yay! These are some of the available breads they have during our stay:

This Mammoth Bread is huge, you can share it with a friend or two.

The butter cream bread is so soft when bite into it. For the people who doesn't love super sweet foods, this one is for you!

They slash 50% off on all their breads every 9PM. I'm not sure about the time but I'll edit this one again. what a great deal right?

We tried some of the available bread that day and these was our pick:

Love at first bite! My fave among these was the Cream Cheese bread, I'm not sure about the exact name because it was not written on their bread area. The bread I'm talking about is at the right side. I'll be visiting their Tomas Morato branch just to get my hands on their breads again. yay!

 They also have a water section here for free.

We tried almost everything from their menu that day. Here's a look of their menu:

We decided that each one of us will choose 1 on each category so that we can try everything and be able to give our thoughts about it. 

Say hello to my friends who came with me. Food Trip buddies!

MICHAEL: "I accompanied my friend to Papa Kim's Bakery because she thought that more people would equal to a broader and different perspectives on the food. When we arrived at the place, I was taken a back by the scenery. It was calming especially the view inside the restaurant. The ambiance inside was very relaxing. It's a perfect place to unwind from the daily stress of life."

We ordered a bunch of stuff from the get go. The foods that were first served are the Briosche Sandwich, Chicken Bulgogi Sandwich, and the Bacon Sandwich.

The Briosche Sandwich has a refreshing taste to it. It has the right mix of vegetables, sauce, and some meat the produces a great taste in my mouth.

MICHAEL: "The Bacon Sandwich was no slouch either. The taste of the bacon pops when you're eating the sandwich because of the mellow taste of the vegetables that compliments and supports it."

MICHAEL: "I was surprised by the size of the Chicken Bulgogi Sandwich. I think it was Bulgogi inside a French baguette. At first, we didn't know if we could finish it because of it size. After taking a bite, you can determine that the bread was just airy because it compresses a lot when you start to chew on it."

DANICA: "The serving of their Chicken Bulgogi sandwich has huge! You can actually share this with someone or if you're really hungry I'm sure you can finish this because it's really good. Take note that if you don't eat vegetables, I'm sure you'll eat the vegetables on this sandwich."

MICHAEL: "The main dish that was served is the Chicken Bulgogi Rice bowl. The taste was rather unique for me because it's the first time I'm eating Bulgogi that has chicken meat as the main ingredient. It was full of flavor especially when you eat it with the vegetables."

DANICA: "Omg! I really loved this Chicken Bulgogi Rice Bowl. I can't stop eating after my first bite. It's bursting with flavor and the meat was so tender, it's easy to chew. For someone who doesn't eat vegetables, I have managed to eat this one without removing the vegetables because it's really good"

JOMS: "Yung Bulgogi Chicken Rice Bowl nila malambot talaga yung meat and marami ang serving. Sulit na sulit ka dito."

MICHAEL: "I particularly ordered a milkshake for my drink during our stay. It was the Vanilla Milkshake and it was one of the better milkshakes that I have ordered. Most vanilla milkshakes lack taste and usually is bland but this one has a very sweet after taste once you drink it."

DANICA: "I ordered the Caramel Frappe Coffee based because I really love coffee (but not the strong type of coffee haha) The caramel flavor was sweet and you can taste the sweetness of the caramel rather than the coffee but it still has a hint of coffee there and that's what I liked about it most because this frappe was not bitter at all. It has the right blend of coffee and caramel. Best of both worlds. Yay!"

JOMS: "Yung Strawberry Cheesecake Blended beverage nila for someone na hindi kumakain at gusto ng strawberry, nagustuhan ko siya."

MICHAEL: "Our dessert came promptly after finishing our lunch. I got the Mango Bingsu and boy oh boy. It was delicious. Really delicious. The hint of sourness in the mango cubes that are on the top of the Bingsu along with the sweet mango ice cream hits the perfect spot for me."


JOMS: "Yung dessert, love love love the bingsu! This is a must-buy!"

MICHAEL: "Final thoughts, I personally bought some bread to take home from our trip. The pastry were very good when I asked how was it from my siblings. Overall, it was a really good experience for me and I will definitely recommend this to anyone who just want to have a quiet place where they could unwind especially if they have friends to come with them."


Tomas Morato
Ayala Malls The 30th

CONTACT NUMBER: 0917 586 9734

Love, Danica


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