Sunday, 24 June 2018

The Little Lady Shop: Whitening Body Cream

The Little Lady Shop
Whitening Body Cream

I'll start my review about this product by saying that it smells good. As in. I love the scent of this body cream! Let's start with my review!

The product smells great. The scent is very addicting. I always see myself spending more time smelling this. It has a mild scent with a hint of rose.

The product is inside a transparent tub. Only the name of the product can be seen on the packaging. The product description and expiration date are not indicated.

It has a slightly thick white consistency. It has a slight runny texture.

At first, I have no idea about this product because of the lack of product description on its packaging. I had to check their Instagram account to know what is this product for. This is like a lotion but it has a lighter feeling when applied to the skin. I enjoyed using this product after my first use because it doesn't have that sticky feel on my skin. Even when I perspire a lot, it doesn't feel like something is on my skin. There is also an instant Whitening effect on this product. Usually lotions or creams with instant Whitening effect are harder to blend on the skin and it will be more noticeable because of the white cast. But this product was so easy to blend and it didn't have traces of white cast. My skin quickly absorbed the product and it feels moisturized all day! It is also cool to the touch. You will feel refreshed because of its scent. This scent will also last you a long time because a little amount of this product will go a long way. I really love this product! You guys should try it too and maybe you'll like it also as much as I do!

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Love, Danica

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