Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Little Lady Shop: Rosehip Beauty Bar and Sunflower Soap Combo Review

The Little Lady Shop
Rosehip Beauty Bar and Sunflower Soap Combo

Sharing with you today another soap combo review from the brand The Little Lady Shop. I have tried almost all of their soaps so stay tuned for more reviews about their products.

Let's start the  review about their Rosehip Beauty Bar.

It has a mild scent. It doesn't irritate my nose in anyway.

I like the packaging. It is the same with other soaps but I hope that they will add the details about their soap on the packaging.

Again, it's the same as their other soaps. The soap doesn't melt easily and produces a fair amount of bubbles.

Sunflower Soap

I really love this scent. It smells good and sweet but not to the point that it will veer you away from the product. It has a mild scent with a hint of sweetness.

Same with their other soaps

It has the same quality as their other soaps. This soap has microexfoliators.

Rosehip Beauty Bar claims to make your skin radiant in one week. And the Sunflower soap claims to lighten your underarms and groin area. I use the Rosehip Beauty Bar Soap all over my body and I use sunflower soap on my knees, elbows, and groin. After my first use of Rosehip Beauty Bar, I noticed that my skin became dry and I'm not sure why so I waited until it comes back to normal. It still persists and maybe this soap doesn't react with my skin well. But for the Sunflower soap, I really like it. It make my skin smooth especially on my knees and elbows. This soap has microexfoliators. Even if you apply decent pressure, it won't damage your skin. I really enjoyed using this!

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Love, Danica

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  1. Pwede rin ba sa face ang Sun flower soap? How much?

    1. Not sure po ate eh but sabi sa product description nila is for inguinal and underarm area daw po. 😘

  2. Curious ako sa Sunflower soap hehe Mas mild sya sa rosehip soap

    1. True ate, na curious din ako sa Soap na 'to kasi minsan lang po ako makakita ng sunflower na soap. Hihi 😘


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