Tuesday, 22 May 2018

THE LITTLE LADY SHOP: Organic Bleach Soap and Oatmeal Soap combo review

Organic Bleach Soap and Oatmeal Soap combo

Finally back with reviews about the soaps that I use. I used two soaps at the same time. One whitening soap and one exfoliation soap. These soaps are from the brand The Little Lady Shop.

Let's start with my thoughts about the Organic Bleach Soap

The scent of this soap is mild. It's not strong in anyway and it will not irritate your nose. I can't really explain the exact scent of this because it's kind of new to me.

The packaging is okay. It is very straightforward but it's better if the ingredients, product description, and expiration date are indicated.

The soap is okay. The soap does not melt easily which is a good thing.


The scent of this soap is mild and it has the typical scent of an oatmeal soap if you have tried one. For me, it smells great. It doesn't irritate my nose. 

The packaging is the same with the one above. 

It has almost the same consistency with the Organic Bleach Soap. One thing that makes it different is this soap does not produce bubbles as much as the Organic Bleach Soap. 

So I use the organic bleach soap day and night everyday and the oatmeal soap every other day because I don't want to over exfoliate my skin. There are a lot of oatmeal granules/grains in the soap that's why I opted to use it every other day. 
For me, the oatmeal soap is really worth the price because it really exfoliates my body well and it smells great. And after my first use of the organic bleach soap, I noticed a brightening effect immediately on my skin. After 8 to 10 days, that's where people around me noticed that I got a little bit whiter. It's not fast in anyway but it does its job. It slightly dried my skin but no worries. I can always use lotions.

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Love, Danica

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