Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Stay focused and relaxed with Favoriscents!

I will be sharing with you today my review about the Winter Mint Reed Diffuser from Favoriscents. I also got their yoga and meditation salve and the Soy Aroma candle.
So what is a Reed Diffuser? Reed Diffusers soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. So these Reed Diffuser will last until all of the fragrance oil in the bottle evaporates. These Reed Diffuser is perfect for those who want to add fragrance in their room without putting up with the hassle when using scented candles. Scented candles really needs to be watched over or used with proper usage to avoid fire. Reed Diffusers are a practical way to add constant fragrance in any room. No need to use heat or fire. There are a lot of benefits of using it such as the need to buy a humidifier will be gone. Humidifiers are a little bit pricey compared to Reed Diffusers. This is more convenient to use than incense and more safe also.

I'm super satisfied with this product that was sent by Favoriscents. It really helped me a lot to stay focused. It also helped me to stay calm when the deadlines of schoolwork are approaching. Every time I enter my room, I feel that I'm in a spa because of the smell of Winter Mint Scent that is so relaxing. The yoga and meditation salve opens up your senses, it helps increase focus and it clears your mind. I use this salve before I review my notes or before I study for a test. It helps me concentrate more. And for the Soy Aroma candle, I light it up every morning to have a great start on my day wit that fresh Aroma combined with the Reed Diffuser.
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Love, Danica

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