Thursday, 5 April 2018

Review: Labelage Aloe Vera Natural Cleansing foam from Beauty Korner Philippines

Labelage Natural Cleansing foam in Aloe Vera

This product review that I will share with you today is one of my constants in my Skincare routine. I finished a bottle of this product. What is this product all about? Just keep on reading to know more about my experience and thoughts about this product.

Product description
Made with aloe leaf extract to reduce inflammation and redness; works to speed up healing of wounds and sunburns; provides anti-aging and anti-microbial properties; helps to reduce acne and moisturize skin; removes dirt, excess sebum, and makeup residue; cools, calms, and comforts.

There is nothing special about the packaging. It's encased in the usual tube that manufacturers use. There are complete details about this product but they are in a different language.

It has a mild scent. It doesn't irritate my nose in anyway and you'll get used to the smell in an instant.

It has a thin cream and runny consistency. The facial wash has a pearl silver color to it.

I instantly loved this product after my first use. Why? After I used this product, I felt that my face  is so clean. It made my face smooth and soft. I was feeling ecstatic when I'm touching my face because I can't believe that it's that smooth. I noticed that my face does not dry like before when I'm using this product. My face was moisturized and I also noticed that my face became slightly clear and bright especially in the T-zone area of my face. My face also became less oily. I use this product with my Human Nature Pore Cleansing Brush to gently remove deep-seated dirt, oil, and makeup. I didn't experience any breakouts and redness while I was using this product. What I like the most about this product is its affordability. It does its job really well despite the price. This product delivered and did not disappoint me. 8 rate this l 9/10 minus 1 because the text in the packaging isn't in English. You can read the details of this product in the Beauty Korner website when you buy.

This product is only Php 249.00. Super affordable! Here's the link,

For orders or inquiries, follow @beautykornerofficial on Instagram.

Love, Danica

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