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Because Kilay is Life: Your Guide to Getting Those On-Fleek Eyebrows Everyday

Because Kilay is Life: Your Guide to Getting Those On-Fleek Eyebrows Everyday

Kilay is everything. These small curves in the face can instantly accentuate your facial features - if done right. If not, it can ruin the entire look, no matter how on point your contour or lipstick is. This is why so many Filipinas spend a substantial amount of time (and money!) just to get those perfect eyebrows.

If you’re a make-up newbie and getting into the eyebrow game seems a little too overwhelming, then this guide is for you. Beauty experts from Prettylooks compiled simple rules to follow so you can get those eyebrows on-fleek all day, everyday.

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The Right Shape for Your Face

Most women don’t know that there’s a science and art behind achieving the perfect brows. It’s important to understand face symmetry. Your face shape should guide you on how to shape your brows.

Angled brows are best for people who have a round face, as this can define better their features. For those who have oval faces, slightly arched eyebrows are better. But make sure to have just a soft arch if you have a heart-shaped face. A heavy arch though is perfect for those who have square faces.

The Fuller, the Better

Gone are the days when thin, over-plucked brows are loved and admired. Strong eyebrow game now means the fuller (or more natural-looking), the better. With more celebrities sporting the natural look, including Jennylyn Mercado, Bangs Garcia, and Sheena Halili, women are now more into fuller brows. So make sure to go easy on the tweezers.

If you have mistakenly (or intentionally oops!) overpluck yours, the best way to deal with this is to consult a professional. This way, they can better assess your condition and recommend effective solutions to growing your brows.

Brows-on-Fleek Everyday

If you really want to achieve (and wake up to) on-fleek eyebrows without the hassle of always drawing and filling every now and then, it’s highly recommended that you go for permanent makeup. This is now the trend for Filipinas who are always on the go - who have little to no time for fixing brows because of their busy schedule.

Experts from Prettylooks share that permanent make-up is done through a procedure called micro-pigmentation, which uses a hand-held device with a very thin needle, allowing the organic pigment to be injected under the skin to add color in the brow area. You may feel a little tingle during the procedure. For some though, the procedure is painless. Permanent make-up is your best bet to having the perfect brows with no hassle at all.

Remember, your kilay can improve or ruin your look. Consider this beauty guide, as you make yours on-fleek!

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Love, Danica

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