Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Review: Coffee Slimming Scrub from Charis

Coffee Slimming Scrub

Say hello to one of my favorite scrubs! Why? because I love the strong coffee scent and the exfoliation it gives to my skin is superb. Keep on reading if you want to know more about this product. So, what is this coffee slimming scrub? What are the benefits of using this product?

1. Slimming
Caffeine makes you HOT!
- dehydrate fatty cells
- Reduce cellulite
- Produce Collagen

2. Whitening
Charis Slimming, reverses the damage done by removing free radical, thus brightening your skin.

3. Trouble Control
Caffeine helps removing skin imperfections like loss of elasticity, dark spots, discoloration, lines, and growth of skin cancer cells.

Say goodbye to Visible pores, Acne, Blemishes, Oiliness, Blackheads

Strong coffee scent. It doesn't irritate my nose in any way. It relaxes me when I take a sniff out of it.

The packaging is well done. Straight forward but I do hope that they can add some more details about this product. The product label is printed on a matte laminated paper and it's waterproof.

This scrub does contain real coffee grounds. You can find a similar texture on coffee shops selling these. It has a rough texture.

When it comes on exfoliating power, I'll rate it 10/10 because of the roughness of this scrub is enough to remove dead skin cells. It's rough enough to exfoliate your body. Even when I put pressure while scrubbing this product on my body, I'm not hurt in any way and I also don't get small bruises. The scent of this product relaxes and calms me especially when I, myself, is a coffee lover. I use this product two to three times a week. Remember not to over exfoliate your skin and don't forget to apply lotions every after use of this product.

The original price is $26.65 or Php 1, 351.42 but when you directly shop at my link, you'll only get it for $19.99 or Php  1, 013.69. Get yours now!

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