Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Review: Selsun Blue Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | THE BEST SHAMPOO FOR DANDRUFF


I'm really excited to share my thoughts about this product. I myself experienced having dandruff and I can say that I tried different ways to get rid of it but it wasn't an easy task to find an effective way and product that would solve this problem of mine. So when Selsun Blue Medicated Shampoo was introduced to me, I was so excited to try the product. Keep on reading to know more about my experience about this product.

Product description
  • Treat dandruff and Control Recurrence
- with Selenium Sulfide to control dandruff flaking and itching.
  • Superior Moisturizing for soft and manageable hair 
- with Honeyquat 50 to effectively moisturize from within and restore natural shine. (Honeyquat is a naturally derived quaternized conditioning agent made from honey with excellent moisture binding capabilities) 
  • Medicated
- added with menthol to help soothe itchy scalp 


1. Massage the shampoo onto wet scalp.
2. Allow to remain on the scalp for two to three minutes.
3. Rinse scalp thoroughly.
4. Repeat application and rinse thoroughly. 
5. After shampoo, wash hands well. for best results, use at least twice a week or as directed by a doctor.

It's inside a blue bottle with red cap for the medicated one and for the Selsun Blue 2 in 1 shampoo, a purple cap. I really like the packaging. The details written on the product are very informative and straight forward.

The product has a thick consistency. It is green in color and you only need a little amount of the product because of its texture.

For me, it has a mild scent. It doesn't irritate my nose at all. And the scent really last for hours on your hair. It has a minty scent.

I fell in love with my first use of this product. No kidding. Why? It's very relaxing when it's applied on your scalp. This shampoo has a cooling effect. It's exponentially cooler when you rinse your hair with water and scalp. I also noticed when everytime I use this shampoo, my hair becomes smooth and visibly more straight. If I can use this everyday, I would. The shampoo reduced the tangles in my hair everytime I use this product. After using this product for a month, I can really say that it's effective in doing its job. After two weeks of using this product, I noticed that it reduced the dandruff on my scalp. It also lessened the itchiness of my scalp. With continuous use of this product, I'm sure that you'll say goodbye to dandruffs in no time. I use this shampoo twice a week. I apply the shampoo directly to my scalp and massaging it for two to three minutes. I also apply the shampoo to my hair. I don't use conditioner when I'm using this shampoo because I want this product's full potential to be released on my scalp. You should try this product! It's really worth the money and based on my experience, it's effective.

Php 335 for 120 ml and Php 34 for 6 grams sachet.

Available in all watsons and mercury drug store nationwide. You can also order online through Lazada.

Love, Danica

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