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Review: Innisfree No-Sebum Powder Cream from Style Korean

Innisfree No Sebum Powder

Excited to share my thoughts about this because I'm curious about this product that's why I chose this product on the website of Style Korean to review. I also needed a product that I can use before I apply my foundation to have that smooth application. So what is this No-Sebum Powder Cream of Innisfree? This is a 3-in-1 No-Sebum cream for sebum control, moisturization, and primer function. This is a smooth fluffy cream coated from adding moisture to No-Sebum powder to hydrate the skin and eliminate sebum for long lasting makeup.

Product description

1. Rich, soft no-sebum powder cream 

This cream with the sebum care effect of no-sebum powder controls sebum while firmly and smoothly fitting the skin with a soft texture. 

2. Moisturizing, sebum-controlling moisture cream 

This moisture cream, good to use in all four seasons, is moistly applied on sebum-prone skin areas such as the nasal bridge, forehead and chin while taking care of sebum 
3. Primer cream for ideal makeup looks 
Thorough sebum care from the basic skin care routine enhances durability of makeup and gently covers pimples in order to create a clean skin texture. 

Here's more information from the website of Innisfree
[Usage TIP] 
Multiple use of No-sebum powder cream! 

1. Thorough sebum care in the morning and evening 

Controls oil overnight when you use it for evening skin care, and takes care of excess sebum secretion when you use it for morning skin care. 

2. Durability upgrading of fresh morning makeup 
It is gently applied, covers pimples and enhances makeup duration, as if applying primer 
3. No-sebum powder X No-sebum cream 
A highly recommended composition for oily skin! Mix No-sebum cream and No-sebum powder and apply on greasy skin areas.

The product has a sweet and mild scent. The scent is almost addictive. It doesn't irritate my nose in anyway.

All the important details about this product is written on the box; from product description up to ingredients, it's complete. The actual product inside a small light green/mint colored tub and it's indicated there the expiration date. There's also a small spatula that's included inside the box.

Front of the actual product

Back of the actual product

It is a smooth fluffy cream that has a cushion like feel to it. It is a cream that eventually becomes powder like finish that makes your face have that mattified look.

At my first use, I used too much cream on my face and after a few hours it made my skin super oil and my makeup looks like it'll fall of my face. So at my second use of this product, I only used enough cream on my face and I applied it evenly. After a few hours, I didn't experience any oiliness. After 12 hours, I noticed that it reduced the oiliness on the T-zone area on my face because that's the part of my face that really gets oily. I'm so happy because I don't need to retouch because the oil on my skin complimented my look by being a "natural glow" to it. This product did lessen the oiliness of my face and I found that the application of my foundation became smoother. This product hid my pores. Everytime I use this product, my face feels moisturized throughout the day. Totally worth it for me!

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It's $14.58/Php 726.00 only. With all these amazing uses of this product, it is totally worth it for me! Try one now!

Love, Danica


  1. Hi! Have you used Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination? Coz im wondering if the No sebum cream is pretty much the same as Super Aqua max cream coz it really reduces the oiliness on my face.

    1. Hello! I haven't tried the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination but I will definitely check that product out. :)

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