Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Review: Eggplant with honey & coconut mask pack from Charis

Eggplant with honey & coconut mask pack

What's this Eggplant with honey & coconut mask? What are the benefits when you use this product? According to their product description, this is an all-in one Skincare. Achieve that cleans and clear skim, soothe, nourish and moisturize your skill all at once. This is a Whitening and anti aging mask. The formula of this mask is for sensitive and easily irritated skin. This eggplant sheet mask provides your skin with a soothing burst of moisture and nutrients and gently calms easily irritated, sensitive skin.

This eggplant sheet mask is best for people having problems with their skin and wants to have soft and silky smooth skin, who need to refresh dull, dried out skin, who needs remedies for uneven skin with layers of dead skin cells, whose. Makeup does not adhere to or blend into the skin, and who need to restore oil and moisture balance in skin.

Just one Eggplant Sheet Mask for all-in-one skin care.

Directions for use
After cleansing, evenly trim the skin with lotion, then open the pouch and remove the mask pack. With the support facing outward, stick to the forehead, nose, and mouth with both eyes, and then release the support. Apply a thin microfiber sheet adhered to the skin evenly to the face once more around the eyes to fit the face shape. After taking a break for about 10 to 20 minutes, remove the sheet and leave the remaining essence tapping lightly.


For me it has a mild scent  it doesn't bother me in anyway, it also doesn't irritate my nose when I use this product.

I really like the packaging. And the sheet is inside the box and each box has 5 pieces of masks. The box is matte and the eggplant design is glossy. Complete details but the details at the back isn't in English. The actual sachet or holder of the mask is also matte. The eggplant design is glossy.

I enjoyed using this product. It makes my skin soft and smooth after every use. This product relaxes me. I noticed that my face becomes brighter after using this product. My face has a glow and I have that healthy dewy look. The sheet mask calms me. Especially when I have pimples on my face. I did not have breakouts some using this product. No itchiness and redness experienced. I really enjoyed using this mask, it relaxes my face every time I use it at night. For me, this mask is really unique because you don't usually see face sheet masks that the main ingredient is Eggplant. This is worth a try.

The original price is this sheet mask is $18.66/Php 933 for 1 box that has 5 pieces inside. But when you shop at my link you can get this for only $15.99 or Php 799.50. Here's the direct link

Love, Danica

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