Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Review: CelebFace Sparkling Cleanser from Charis

Sparkling Cleanser 

I'll be sharing with you today my favorite make up remover. Why is it my favorite? Well, it's easy to use and the results of this product is amazing! For me, it's not only a makeup remover. It's far more than that. So what is this CelebFace 10 seconds 1 step Sparkling Cleanser? The main ingredient of this product is pure sparkling water from Naples, Italy. Why is it called 1 step cleanser? 10 seconds because it melts your makeup away in 10 seconds no matter how thick it is or thin. It's a 1 step because every dirt on your face is gone with just 1 step. This sparkling cleanser can also make your face brighten by removing dead skin cells, sebum, whiteheads, and blackheads deep inside your pores. That's why you can see your skin become brighter right after using this cleanser. Thus is also a moisturizing product because it keeps your skin moist and smooth. It balances your skin pH.

Product Description
Pore Cleaning

It has a mild scent. It won't irritate your nose in anyway.

Here's the elegant box of the product

Here's the actual product inside the box

The expiration date is located at the bottom of the product. 

I really like the packaging. The product itself is inside a box and every detail that you need to know about the product is indicated. The product is easy to use.

It comes in transparent liquid form and it has a thin consistency.

This product is really easy to use. Just wet your face then apply the product on your face and then wait for a few seconds until the product produces some bubbles. After that, just wash with water. On my first use, I was happy with the results because it removed my makeup quickly and it left my face smooth and soft. Squeaky clean is what I felt after using it. It feels very refreshing and it cools your face. It brightened my face every after use of this product that's why I really love this. I didn't have any pimple breakouts while using this product.

The original price of this product is $45 or Php 2, 250 but you can get this at $24 or Php 1, 200 only when you buy here

Love, Danica

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