Wednesday, 25 October 2017

ISHTILO by The SEA - Stylish and Exceptional Apparels Company

Stylish and Exceptional Apparels Company

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Be the center of attraction at a party? Be stylish with these eco-friendly shoes by The SEA - Stylish and Exceptional Apparels. Let’s go at the sustainable side of fashion and start wearing ISHTILO.

Ishtilo by The SEA chose tilapia leather because of its flexibility which is an essential requisite to produce a convertible shoe. It may be soft and thin but those flakey substance can be made strong same as the durable leathers. The leather can handle any types of weather.

The company envisions itself to be a stepping stone towards the birth of products made from fish leather, encouraging innovation and reinstitution of world-class quality products.


The company dedicates itself to:
Cater the expectations of the customers in terms of quality, durability and aesthetics;
Improve the competencies of its products through continuous research and development; and
Establish world-class quality products by actively responding to the needs of potential consumers, interest of the public and trends.

ISHTILO'S Corporate Philosophy

We’ll always think about creating new type of products based from our customers’ perspective and we’ll also make our customers our top priority to provide a stylish and exceptional product and at the same time giving the comfort they deserve to have. You don’t need to compromise comfort over fashion and our company believes that we can offer the same to our customers.

The inch strap at the ankle gives that chic feminine look, wear heels without sacrificing comfort with the block heels of Ishtilo.

Be in style and steal the show with this pair.

This is perfect for everyday use. 

Back to basic with style and comfort with the Mandals of Ishtilo, Wear them with Chinos or Jeans.

WANT TO HAVE YOUR OWN ISHTILO SHOES MADE OUT OF TILAPIA SKIN? You better take note of these promos they have in store for you!

1. "ShoeHundred off"

        This will be their introductory promo. For the first 20 customers of the day, you will get 200php off for a pair. This will run through the first week of their opening.

2. "Buy shoe, get 1"

        This promo will be offered during the Christmas season since this product will be a great gift idea because of their product uniqueness. For every 2 pairs of shoes you'll buy, you will get another pair for free.

3. Season sale

        Usually, a mall offers a clearance sale during First quarter of the year and an end of season sale during July, that's why Ishtilo will offer their product at a discounted price.

Want to know more about this brand? Like the facebook page of  ISHTILO by The SEA.


Love, Danica

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