Monday, 3 April 2017

Review: Precious Skin Gluta Soap from Lady Jane Beauty Products

Precious Skin Gluta Soap

Another soap from Thailand! I'm really excited to share my experience on this soap because its whitening effect is really quick. Let's start with my review.

Product Description
Whitening and moisturizing soap made from thai rice milk scrub. Fast whitening!
✔ Skin whitening
✔ Suitable for any skin types
✔ For men and women

Avocado extract
Olive oil
Vitamin E

It almost has the same scent as the Gluta Pure Soap on my previous review (click here) It has a weird and strong scent but you'll get used to it in a matter of time and it won't bother you so much.

The product is inside a box. It has complete details but some of the text aren't in English. Two thumbs up for including the expiration date of the product.

This soap produces a lot of bubbles and it's very easy to apply on the skin. This soap doesn't melt easily like the Gluta Pure Soap.

Same as my amazement on the Gluta Pure Soap, this soap did the exact same thing to me. Why? It's because you can really see the whitening effects of it quickly. I use this in the morning and evening for faster results. When using this soap, I usually let the product on my skin for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. But for me, the Gluta Pure Soap's effect is faster than this one. This soap is a little bit mild and I'm not surprised that it dried my skin because that's the usual thing going on when you use whitening soaps. So don't forget to use lotion! Super happy with the results! Try one now!

You can buy this product for Php 80.00. Give it a try!

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SMS: +63 920 249 6955
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Love, Danica


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