Thursday, 6 April 2017

Elmwood Skincare face set review


Here's a short background about this brand. Elmwood skincare is a product monchery that's manufactured in japan and malaysia. These products are Halal, fda approved and hypo- allergenic.

Gluta-lite Skin Lightening Soap

It has a mild and sweet scent.

The product produces a hefty amount of bubbles and easy to apply on skin.

I didn't acquire any pimples when I used this for my face. I tried using the soap for three days to see if my skin would have a negative or positive reaction to this soap. It made my face feeling fresh and my fave glows every after use.

Facial Toner

I can't explain the smell of it but it doesn't smell like an alcohol toner.

I didn't experience anything that would hurt my face in anyway. No tingling sensation also. It didn't dry my face and it produces a cooling effect when applying this toner.

Sunblock Cream with Whitening

It has a mild powdery scent. The scent isn't pungent and strong.

It has a creamy mousse-like texture.

After applying this cream, I noticed immediately that it has an instant whitening effect. It made my face glow and look brighter. It gets sticky when you're sweating profusely but it can be remedied by just dabbing a tissue on the sticky parts. Just use this, a liptint, and eyebrow makeup, and you're good to go already.

Night Cream

It has almost the same scent as the Sunblock Cream. The scent is also mild.

It has a creamy and thin consistency.

It doesn't have a sticky feeling when applied so you won't be bothered before you sleep. My face didn't get oily when I wake up in the morning.

All in all, I'm really satisfied with this product. I got a small pimple when I used this but it disappeared right away. No irritation occurred and no redness also.

For orders or inquiries,  follow @elmwood_skin_care on Instagram.  Click here
SMS: +63 933 863 3631

Love, Danica


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