Monday, 20 March 2017

Review: Snow Skincare Absolute Aura White Triple Gold Extracts Facial Cleanser from Cheska's Store

Snow Skincare: Absolute Aura White Triple Gold Extracts Facial Cleanser

Let's talk about Snow Skincare first. Beauty Booster Co., Ltd is the brand owner. Snow Skincare aims to create a high quality beauty innovation. Their first product under snow skincare brand was launched in 2014. It's the Snow Skincare Aura Whitening Booster Mask. Watch out for my review about that product. Let's start with my review.

The product is inside a pump bottle that's designed elegantly. It's also in a box. All the information that you need to know is included and there's also a flyer about this product in the box. Here's a look on the box:

Product Description

Daily cleanser innovation with a perfection combination of the top most efficacy extracts: Gold Bird Nest, Gold Kiwi Fruit and Pure Gold Powder.
  • Non-Comedonic Formula
  • Has Azeloyl Diglycinate, the antibacterial natural extract helps prevent blemishes (IP. Acne) and balance facial oil production.
  • Has natural extracts from Bacilus/Soybean/Folic Acid ferment extract which help maintain skin stem cells and protect these cells, and have anti-inflammatory and antiimitation properties.

Result after use
Eliminates thoroughly impurities, oil and dead skin cells while providing long-lasting oil control, tightens pore to smoothen and brighten skin. Retain the skin's natural moisture balance to keep skin purifying, fresh and healthy-looking.


Use twice a day. Apply a small amount into hands and work into rich lather. Massage onto wet face. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly.

Expiry date is also indicated on the box.

Here's the actual product:

It has a mild and soft scent. The scent is not pungent. I noticed that products from Thailand has a different smell compared to locally made brands but you'll get used to it quickly.

It has a slightly thin and runny consistency. The color is gold but it transforms into white once it is applied on the face. The product has really soft microexfoliators in it.

Just from the first use of this product, I'm astounded already by the effects of this product. After my first use, my face became SUPER soft and smooth. My face was really soft to the touch. I can compare it to the skin of a baby. I also noticed that my face brightened and it minimized the whiteheads on my face. With continuous use of this product, you'll have a clearer and softer skin in no time! 100% would recommend for the people reading this blog to try this product. There are certain days where I don't put on my makeup because of this product. My face is fresh everyday because of this and it made my cheeks have that rosy look. I didn't acquire any pimples while using this product. There are also no redness and irritation experienced. My face was never oily. I'm thinking of adding this product in my permanent skincare routine because I was really satisfied with the results of this product. I also would like to add the Snow Mask in my skincare routine. I also love that product. Watch out for it's review!

Php 898.00. Yes, it's kind of expensive but it's really worth it just because of the effects that it brings. It doesn't run out easily also (it depends on the one who's using it). I used this product for almost two months already.

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Love, Danica


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