Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Review: Lip and Cheek Tint from Skin Deep

Lip and Cheek Tint

Lip and cheek tint review from Skin Deep. I'm loving lip and cheek stains now more than ever and I think that's great. I'm back with another review about lip and cheek stains. One word to describe the lip and cheek stains from Skin Deep; "Pigmented".  Let's start with the review. 

The lip and cheek stains have sweet, fruity, and mild scent. Yay!

The product is inside the usual packaging of lip and cheek stains. It's inside a perfume roll-on tube; some have a glass containers, the others have plastic containers. Everything is straightforward but it doesn't have the ingredients indicated. 

It can last for hours on your lips. It's long lasting indeed!

This product has a thick and gel-like formula. It dries fast on your lips. I like how the formula feels on your lips. 

Lip and Cheek Tint Shades:

GLAM: Barbie pink shade. 

SUMMER: Orange shade. The color itself reminds me of summer!

DIVA: This shade is also red with some hints of orange to it. Perfect for everyday use. 

WICKED: This shade is my favorite! The pigmentation looks great and it's like a dark sexy red for me. The shade is red with slight purple undertones.

POISON: This shade is red with brown undertones. 

 Natural Light. Top to Bottom:
Glam, Summer, Diva, Wicked, Poison

 With Fill light effect. Top to Bottom:
Glam, Summer, Diva, Wicked, Poison

I approve of the formula of this lip and cheek stain. It looks pigmented with just a few swipes only! It didn't dry my lips when using it but rather it moisturized it the whole day! Like I said with my previous reviews about lip and cheek stains, exfoliate your lips before using this kind of products to avoid the clinging of the lip and cheek tint's color to the dry areas of your lips. It's easy to apply and dries quickly. It has a buildable coverage, light to full coverage that it looks like you have a lipstick on! That's how pigmented it is especially the WICKED shade! The color fades when you eat but the color is still noticeable on your lips. 

You can get a 10 mL shade of this product for only Php 160.00! Looks good and affordable so get your hands on it!

Love, Danica


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