Monday, 23 January 2017

OPPO F1S: A Day in The Life

Waking up, getting out of bed, and taking a shower. That's the routine of most people. However, I think that my usual day comes in a different manner. After I wake up, I always set up a little studio of mine to shoot the product of the day. Maybe now you know what I do. Yes, I am blogger and that's how I start my day. 

It takes about one hour each day to finish my product shooting with my DSLR. It can be longer depending on the queue of the products. I edit everything on my phone as it takes a lot of time to edit on a computer. Finishing all of that, I try to read in advance the topics that will be discussed in my subjects for I'm still in a University to get my degree. At this time, I enter the usual course of a person. I take a bath and dress up then go to school. 

Once I get home, I try to make reviews about the products and if I have more time, I shoot more product pictures. As you can see, my day doesn't exactly have a lot of free time in it and I just wish that I can make the whole process shorter. 

I'm into photography also so anything that involves a camera will always excite me. I also like to eat. I want to capture all of those moments with high definition and share it to everyone through Instagram. 

Sometimes doing the same thing everyday can be tiring. It's like you need something to change the rhythm of your day. This is where the OPPO F1S phone come in. I'm really about the 13mp, f/2.2 rear camera. This feature save so much time because instead of using my DSLR to take pictures and transfer it to my phone via computer, I can just take the photos with the phone and edit it right there. The phone's rear camera is just so good that it can somehow replace the DSLR that I'm using. I'm not afraid that the quality of my content would be ruined because the OPPO F1S is really exceptional. The 16 mp, f/2.0, 1/3.1" sensor size, front facing camera also takes outstanding pictures that would be great for the occasional upload of my selfies. 

Naturally Beautiful You!




See the big difference? I would love to talk more about Oppo F1s and it's other amazing features on my blog. 
That's about it. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Have a nice day!

Love, Danica

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