Friday, 2 December 2016

Review: Coffee Clay Mask from Zen Organics

Coffee Clay Mask

And I'm back with another review with clay masks! I feel that I'm slowly being addicted to clay masks nowadays but it's certainly a good addiction due to its numerous benefits for the skin. Also, clay masks soothes and relaxes you while you're using it.

The scent is too strong for my taste but it's not that strong to bother me in anyway. It smells like genuine coffee.

The product is inside a resealable zip lock bag. It has complete details. E.g. Everything you need to know, instructions, direction, and etcetera.

It comes in a powdery form and has coffee granules in it. It's like having a clay mask and scrub in one product! Yay!

I used this clay mask with my auntie. It wasn't easy for me to mix the clay powder with water and the worse thing is, I don't know why. Hahaha! When you first see the clay mask powder, you won't notice the coffee granules that are in it but when you add water, you can clearly see it. After first use, I was surprised with the results. And it wasn't just me that was surprised but also my auntie. After first use, my face feels so soft and smooth, the bumps on my face disappeared, and my whiteheads weren't as noticeable as before especially on the area around my nose. I was constantly feeling my face that time because it was just so smooth! Hahaha! My auntie also said that it made her face smooth and it made her pores shrunk down in size. The results of the product on us was very gladdening indeed! No outbreak of pimples and irritation occurred while using this product.

 Say hello to my hair! hahaha Using Coffee Clay Mask

Php 150.00 for 75 grams of the product! It can make 12-15 masks!

Love, Danica


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