Sunday, 11 December 2016

Brush and Cosmetic Sanitizer from Paintbox Artistry

Brush and Cosmetic Sanitizer

And I'm back with another review of cosmetics sanitizer. Like I've said in my previous reviews about cosmetics sanitizer, it is very important for us to sanitize our makeup brushes to avoid getting pimples on our face and for germs to not accumulate on our brushes. A sanitized and cleaned brush will always have a better application of makeup. Always make sure to sanitize your makeup brushes everyday!

The product is inside a spray-on plastic bottle. The product is well made based on my first impressions of it. No product description and ingredients indicated but it has a label stating that it has a shelf life of three years which is good.

So I got two scents. Fresh scent and citrus scent. They both smell good and both have a mild scent. I like these two but the fresh scent is better for me because it has a relaxing scent. On the other hand, the citrus scent is very refreshing to the smell.

I use this after I clean my makeup brushes with cosmetic shampoo. Before I spray this to my brushes, I make sure that my brushes are dry first. I also use this everytime that I make use of my makeup brushes. I keep on stressing this but it's really important to sanitize your makeup brushes everyday for you to avoid pimple breakouts due to dirty makeup tools. This sanitizer is an all in one product. It can sanitize your brushes, color palettes, lipsticks, and many more! This one also takes longer to run out because you only need to do a few sprays for it to work.

Php 170.00 for 150 mL, Php 110.00 for 60 mL, and Php 230.00 for 200 mL. Very affordable, right!?

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