Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lip and Cheek Gel Stain from Mischka Nature Essentials

Lip and Cheek Gel Stain

Another new product from Mischka Nature Essentials. Remember my review about their lip and cheek stain? Click here I mentioned how long-lasting that product is. This one lasts even longer! Buildable color and stays on your lips for a whole day!

Product description
Dual purpose gel stain is extremely long wearing and perfect for active lifestyle.
water Resistant, Sheer to full coverage gel formula, Gluten free, oil free and paraben free.

FOR CHEEKS: Be sure cheeks are well hydrated. Begin at the apple of the cheeks and dab Lips & Cheek gel stain with doe-foot applicator, marking 2 or 3 small dots of color and blending in sections as you work over cheekbone toward hairline.
FOR LIPS: make sure lips are clean and well hydrated. Use doe-foot applicator to paint lips. Carefully following upper and lower lip lines. Allow to dry. Continue to apply in layers for deeper pigmentation.

Water, Glycarine, Proplene Glycol, Aloe Vera oil extract, Potassium Sorbate, Fragrance
The product is inside a long tube container, the usual lip gloss container that's being used for lip and cheek stains. Complete details from product description to ingredients.

Sweet and mild scent is the best way to put it. It smells the same as their lip and cheek stain.

This lip and cheek gel stain lasts for a whole day on your lips! Yes, for a whole day! And sometimes it stays longer! When you wake up the next day, it's still there!

This product has a light gel consistency. Not the gel-like structure that gets to the point that it's hard to apply. It has a light consistency.

Zoey: It has the right shade of pink. It doesn't have a bright color.


Trisha: This is the most pigmented among the three. It has a dark pink shade with purple or red undertones if I'm not mistaken.


Aura: The darkest among the three. A dark brown shade with a light red undertone.

It's very easy to apply. Just imagine applying lipgloss to your lips. That's how easy it is. I also love how the product is packaged especially its applicator. It enables you to shape your lips properly. It doesn't cause the dryness of the lips rather the lip and cheek gel stain moisturizes it. The product dries within seconds of application. It's pigmented, buildable coverage, and sheer to full coverage. Make sure to let the first layer dry out before applying the second layer so that the colors will be more pigmented. After 2 - 4 layers of this, it feels that I already have a lipstick on but it doesn't have the weight of the lipstick. It lasts a whole day on my lips based on mu experience. The only problem that I have with this product is that it is vulnerable to cracks. It acquired one when I was closing the container but this problem doesn't really bother me. All in all, I'm really happy and impressed about this product.

 Top to Bottom: Zoey, Trisha, Aura
Natural Light, No edit.

 Top to Bottom: Zoey, Trisha, Aura
Fill Light, No edit.

You can get this Lip and Cheek Gel Stain from Mischka Nature Essentials for only Php 200.00!

For orders or Inquiries, Follow @mischkanatureessentials_main
Viber: 0939 869 5081
 Love, Danica


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