Thursday, 10 November 2016

Lip and Blush Tint-Stain from AT Organics


Lip and Blush Tint-Stain

And I'm back with another review about a lip and cheek stain from a different brand @at_organics. My reviews about lip and cheek stains are coming at a high rate but that's what I'm enjoying it. That also fuels my love for lip and cheek stains because of how easy it is to use and it gives you the perfect natural look.

This product has no scent ...

I love the packaging. It has a black label and the ingredients of the product are indicated. I also like the fact that they've included bible verses in their label.

The product lasted for about 3 - 4 hours and that's when I'm not eating. The color has faded on my lips but it's still there somehow.

This product has a watery formula. It dries rather quickly so don't worry if the product drips on your lips.


Hot Pink (Lippen5): This is a bright barbie pink shade. this for me is a fun shade!

Rose (Lippen 7): This is colored bright red but it's brightness isn't exaggerated. This is perfect for everyday use. Just dab a small amount on your lips and you're good to go!

Cherry (Lippen 2): This shade is my favorite among the three. The redness is just perfect and doesn't look dark. Red with purple undertones.

Swatches on paper, No filter.
Left to Right: Hot Pink, Rose, Cherry

It doesn't dry your lips. It actually moisturizes it for 2 - 3 hours. Before using any lip and cheek stain, I always ensure that I exfoliate my lips to avoid the lingering of the product's color into the dry and cracked areas of my lips especially in the inner part of my lips. The product is easy to apply due to it's fast drying composition. This one has a buildable coverage but make sure that before applying the second layer, the first layer must have dried up first so that the excess of the product doesn't go to your teeth. I love all the shades! Perfect for everyday use and affordable!

Top to Bottom: Hot Pink, Rose, Cherry
Natural light, No filter.

*I will update this blog tomorrow to add more photos (swatches)

A shade of this lip and cheek stain costs Php 110.00. Pretty cheap, right?

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 Love, Danica


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  1. does it have foul smell after using it for a while just like the kjm lip tint?


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