Friday, 14 October 2016

Lip and Cheek Stain from Labella Organica Ph

Labella Organica
Lip and cheek Stain

Lip and cheek tints are so popular nowadays. Different brands are being marketed by a range of malls. Many are releasing their own version of a lip and cheek tint whether it's an local or international brand. Labella Organica has 4 shades namely Princess, May, Jean and Eunice.

It has a sweet fruity scent but at the same time it's mild.

The product is inside an acrylic bottle/tube with a plastic cover. It has a roller ball for its applicator. This is the usual packaging of lip and cheek tints. There are no details about the product but it has a expiration date and also the list of ingredients that are used in making it.

This lip and cheek tint can last for a whole day. The color just fades a little bit if you're consuming food more than the usual but you still have the 'just bitten lips' look.

The formula of this lip and cheek tint is different from the usual formulas that are being used. It comes in a liquid form but almost gel-like consistency that's not too thick.

The product is easy to apply due to its consistency. This lip and cheek tint has a buildable coverage. That's a plus point for me. It dries up on the lips fast and this product has no bitter taste unlike the branded lip and cheek tints. The one problem that I have with this is when applying, the color is also being applied to my teeth. But it's okay because it doesn't stain. Actually, it's not really a problem because it's normal and easily manageable. Summing it up, I'm very happy with this product. Very affordable and also very cheap!

Top to Bottom: Princess, May, Jean and Eunice 
Natural Light *No edit*

Top to Bottom: Princess, May, Jean and Eunice 
With Fill-Light/Flash *No edit*

 After removing with Oil based makeup remover and detergent. It is still super pigmented!
*No edit*

Princess: Similar to a Barbie-pink shade but looks brighter.

May: When I see this shade, I feel like it's summer. I don't know but that's how I feel about it because of its orange shade.

Jean: Jean is my favorite from all of the shades because it has the perfect color to achieve that 'just bitten' lips and rosy cheeks. This one is a red shade with orange undertones.

Eunice: The shade is almost colored like maroon and has some purple undertones if I'm not mistaken.

You can have this lip and cheek tint at the price of only Php 150.00! Buy one now!

Top to Bottom: Princess, May, Jean and Eunice 
With Fill-Light/Flash *No edit*

For orders or inquiries, Follow @labellaorganicaph on Instagram. Click here
SMS/VIBER: +63 998 536 2643

Love, Danica

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  1. Bagay naman sayo lahat! I love Princess and May. Magandang nga super pigmented! ;)

    1. Hello po, Sorry for the late reply, Thank you po for always reading my blog ate! Super nakakakilig po! :* Thank you po!! :* Mas pigmented pa sa personal yan nung tinake ko ate. :*


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