Saturday, 8 October 2016

Cosmetic Sanitizer from RosenRye Ph

Cosmetic Sanitizer 99% Solution

We should all know that it's important to clean our brushes, beauty blenders, and etcetera to avoid breakouts that might happen to our skin because of the unwanted germs/bacteria that's landing on our makeup tools. Clean makeup tools are important for clean and easy application of makeup.

 Product Description
Disinfect your make-up products and tools
(Powder and cream based make-up, Lipstick, Brush)

Direction for use
Spray 6 inches away from the product surface. Let it dry before use.

I like the scent of this product very much. The scent is refreshing and it doesn't have a strong odor.

The product is presented inside a plastic container with a spray attached to it. It is very straight forward to use. And it has all the details and labels that you should know when using this.

This product is water-based. It has a clear consistency. Looking more keenly at the product, it really does look like water.

I cleaned my makeup brushes using the cosmetic tool shampoo from Real Natura Organics. I clean my brushes twice a week. Then after every use of my brushes, I clean it with this product. I always sanitize them to get rid of the germs dwelling in my brushes. It's okay to do preventive measures than to have acne breakouts on my face. I love this product because it made my brushes smell really nice and actually smell like new every tome I use them. This product can do a lot of things also. Based on the product description, you can use this to disinfect your lipsticks, eyeshadows, and so on. This product last longer because you only need six sprays for the product to work.

The product is priced at Php 180.00 for a 250 mL bottle. You get the most out of your money because it's so affordable and cheap. Yay!

Warning: Flammable; For professional use only.

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Love, Danica

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