Sunday, 4 September 2016

Micro Peel Soap from Mischka Nature Essentials (Mischka Derma Secret)

Mischka Nature Essentials
Formerly known as Mischka Derma Secret
Micro Peel Soap

Product Description
Gentle skin exfoliation and lighten skin discoloration and give the skin instant glow.

I remember something about this scent. I just can't identify it. But I know that there's a perfume that has the same smell; sweet and mild.

I'm not fond of soap that doesn't produce much bubbles when you're using it because it takes a little more effort for you to soap your skin compared to other bubbly soaps.

Usually in soaps that have micropeeling effect, I experience itchiness within three to four days but that's just normal for soaps that has micropeeling effect. But with this soap, I didn't have any issues about the soap triggering the itchiness. And of course, almost all of micropeeling soaps can make your skin dry. So don't forget to always bring lotion to moisturize your skin. I use Collagen Elastin Lotion from Mischka Derma Secret also, which is my favorite lotion of all time! Yay! Click here to see my review of the Collagen Elastin Lotion.

So going back to my review of the soap, it took some time before I see the micropeeling effect working in action. Yes, it did get there but you know? I just didn't see it quickly enough to notice. That's the only downside of this product but everything else is really good. It also helped remove my tan lines on my arms. I don't know but I always have tan lines on my arms. Hahaha. Not using my umbrella while under the sun is becoming a habit. Haha. One more thing I like about this soap is that it doesn't melt easily and lasts longer compared to other soaps. This soap is really worth the money all in all. I'm really happy with this soap. I can rate it 7.5/10! Yay!

For orders or Inquiries, Follow @mischkanatureessentials_main
Viber: 0939 869 5081

Love, Danica

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