Wednesday, 28 September 2016

CC Cream: Multi function Color Change Cream from RX Beauty PH

CC Cream: Multi function Color Change Cream

There are many kinds of emerging face creams in the market at this point in time; BB creams, CC creams, and DD creams. The BB is also Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm and DD is also known as Daily Defense. So what is a CC cream? CC cream is Color Control, Complexion Corrector, or Color Corrector. What's the difference between the three? BB creams/ DD creams are creamy and moisturizing and CC creams are lightweight and can be absorbed quickly by the skin.

Product Description
This CC cream is a silky textured cream that adheres to the skin. It helps cover spots and makes your skin silky light. It helps smooths skin while keeping it moist. It has the ability to change color depending on what best suits your skin.

It has a sweet powder-like scent that really relaxes me every time that  I smell it.

It has a silky cream textured consistency that makes it texture really suitable for blending with the color of the skin with the right tools.

The product is enveloped in a silver container. It has all the required labels and ingredients. The product itself is a tube dispenser that resembles a hair conditioner container. The details/information on the packing is not written in english which makes it hard to understand the uses of this product.

At first I used a damp beauty blender that didn't work with the product. I don't know. I just find it really hard to apply and make it even on my face. (or maybe it's because of my not so high quality beauty blender haha)  So, I tried again but with a different beauty blender that's not damp this time and it worked. You can also use a foundation brush as well. I can say that it's easy to blend on the face because of its creamy texture. It has a build-able coverage from sheer to medium. Remember that almost all of CC creams are not meant for full face coverage. The good thing about this CC cream is that it doesn't make my face oily even if I'm in a hot place. But I find the need to retouch after 4-5 hours which does not bother me. At first I was kind of shocked after applying it because my face looked grayish. But after a few minutes, it normalized. The product just need 2-3 minutes to set in my face. I almost forgot that this is a color changing cream! Hahaha! This CC cream can really work with different skin tones. Plus this CC cream have many uses, Sun cream, Anti-wrinkle, Whitening, Makeup Base, Foundation, Essence and Sebum Control all in one product! For me, I really like this product because of the ease of use and it's perfect for everyday usage. And it doesn't have the product build-up associated with it. You don't want a cakey look on the face right? So this is a very nice product overall.

 *not blended* NO FILTER

*Blended* Notice that it made my skin clearer and visibly whiter but it adjusts to your skin tone.
You can get this Multi function Color Changing cream for at the low price of only Php 300.00! So, what are you waiting for? Buy one now!

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SMS/VIBER: +63 998 062 6618 
Physical Store: Skin and Style Concepts, Novaliches, Quezon City (infront of Villa Prescilla Resort)

Love, Danica

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