Sunday, 17 July 2016

Gold Stack: Honey Butter potato chips

Gold Stack Potato Chips Honey Butter

Let me be frank with you, everyone likes chips. And a wide variety of flavors of chips are now in the markets. From the most salty to the most sweet. But what do you get if you get the perfect balance between salty and sweet? It's Gold Stack Potato Chips Honey Butter. 

I've already seen these potato chips way back on Instagram especially from those well known bloggers. So I became curious and I went to a nearby SM to check if there are stocks of these chips but there isn't. Finally, I've got my hands on these potato chips on a event last May, in Blogapalooza 2016, at Elements Centris. I was so happy because I really liked the taste of the chips when I first tried them. 

There is something really different in these potato chips. The taste is unique. You won't find this in any regular grocery or supermarket. Not salty and not sweet so you get the best of both worlds. 




Well, you don't need to worry much about eating these chips because it has 0% TRANS FAT, 0% CHOLESTEROL, and take note NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED like other chips that you'll find in the market. 

It's packaged like Pringles' chips. A cylindrical carton container with yellow branding and a silver colored plastic on the inside. It's sealed by a plastic that's the same color as its inside. And topped by a circular plastic cap.


All in all, I'm very happy that I've tried the Gold Stack Potato Chips in Honey Butter. It's super addicting to eat this! Promise. You'll have no regrets when buying this potato chip. 

You can get your Gold Stack Potato Chips online CLICK HERE or you can buy them from the stores that have them. Click here to see the list of their retail stores

Viber/SMS: 0917 866 0912

Love, Danica



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