Sunday, 24 July 2016

Gluta Bleach soap with micro-peel effect from Mischka Derma Secret

Gluta Bleach Soap with Micro-peel effect

Product Description
It has Extra strong formula for sensitive skin with higher Gluthathione and Arbutin. Helps to reduce skin discoloration.

To Use
Rub soap on face and whole body for 2-3 minutes then rinse with water. Use everyday for better results.

Enrinched with the best combination of Mlik Gluthathione, Arbuti, Glycerin, Grapessed Oil.

For me, it's kind of fruity and it's quite mild. 

I always mention that I super love soaps that produces much more bubbles than the average. I'm very happy with it's texture. 

At first, I thought that my skin will be dry after using this but after a few weeks, the dryness of my skin wasn't exaggerated. Yes, my skin dried up but it wasn't to the point that it's noticeable. 

It doesn't cause irritation after use even if my skin went dry. No itchiness and redness occurred. 

I thought that this was a quick acting soap but I think it's not. The effects were just a bit too delayed for me ('Cause I'm always excited about the results!). Unlike the triple whitening soap that is my favorite that whitens my skin rapidly. But this soap is still effective based on my experience but you just need to be patient for the results. I saw the results after the micro peeling effect of this soap! I was really happy about the results, I did whiten my skin though my skin was dry. So, Don't forget to use lotion. 

The soap can be bought at and priced very reasonably at

Tip: I use this soap day and night for faster results. And I always use a lotion with SPF so that my skin is protected under the sun and my skin to not be dry.

For orders or Inquiries, Follow @mischkadermasecret_main
Viber: 0939 869 5081

Love, Danica



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