Friday, 3 June 2016


Okay, so this is a little bit new on my blog. Finally, school has ended and also the start of our "summer" vacation. So, where's the sunlight? Almost everyday it's raining because the wet season has already begun. This is my way of fighting this depressions. So I decided to have a positive outlook and good vibes this summer vacation. There's no point in dwelling yourself in the horrible feelings that surrounds you. Enough of the drama, let's get started!

So, here's my first day of summer; enjoying the sun while it still lasts. I thought of swimming so I went to a nearby resort in Manila in which you won't travel long distances to get there.

You can reserve the 2nd floor of this resort for your events or team building activities, It also has a private pool! wow!

Swimming pool and Slide for Adults

Swimming pool and Slide for Kids

I was expecting an okay-ish kind of resort because of how it looks like in the pictures. But lo and behold, the place has a really nice tone for swimming from it's well cleaned pools to the availability of the staff in there.

I had a little photoshoot in the place. And I liked the ambiance of it. Expect more of this in my blog. This summer, I'll do my best to share my experiences or adventures.

So here's my summer essentials to keep my skin protected under the sun. Thank you so much @skinwhitesolutions for sending these over. I'll be posting a separate review/blog entry for this one. Stay tuned!

 Beach Protect Lotion and After Beach Lotion

Love, Danica
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