Tuesday, 14 June 2016

HCG Dietary Supplement from HCG Slim and Sexy

HCG Dietary Supplement 

Back in my highschool days, I wasn't fat nor chubby but I went to college that's when I started to gain weight especially on the week before exams because of the stress that it gives. It came to a point where everybody tells me that I am getting fat so I tried to start my diet but it was so hard. I also wanted to exercise but due to the time constraints of my studies, I can't. 

At first I doubted HCG and it's effects and if it's even working. But I gave it a shot anyway. 


Reminders before taking HCG

The HCG wasn't bitter. It was sweet. And for me, it really tastes delicious. Hahaha. 

The product is in liquid form. 

The product is in a plastic bottle which I thought to be made of glass at first glance. A glass dropper is also included inside. 

When I started taking the HCG, on the first day, I ate so much. I felt that I was hungry all the time. But I was adviced to eat plenty of food during the first two days of taking the HCG. After a week, I stopped using it because I always forget to take it due to school errands. After another week a taking the HCG, I started to notice that the feeling being bloated was gone. I was excited after that happened and so I continuously used the HCG everyday for two weeks. After using the HCG for two weeks, I tried to measure my waist and I was surprised that from a waistlines of 35 (Yes. I know that I'm fat. Hahaha), it went to a 33. Then after a week it became a 30. I was so happy about the results and after getting those results I also started to lessen my food intake especially on rice. I also noticed that I wasn't craving for sweets especially chocolates. 

This one will be your buddy for your HCG journey. Good Luck! 😘

Sneak peek:

I'll be updating you guys after I finish taking all of the HCG. And I'll be updating this blog with photos because the photos are in our computer in Manila.

Love, Danica 


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