Monday, 20 June 2016

Adventures with Danica: Pinto Art Museum


 Adventures with Danica: Pinto Art Museum

How to get there? (from UST)

1. Go to LRT-Legarda Station
2. Buy ticket going to Santolan Station. Costs Php 25.00
3. Ride a jeepney/fx going to Antipolo and get off at the Ynares Sports Stadium
4. Ride a tricycle and say your destination which is the Pinto Art Museum. It's usually priced at Php 30.00.
*From Santolan Station, I rode a taxi to Pinto Art Museum to avoid hassles and heat of the sun. Around Php 250.00

Finally, my plans of going to Pinto Art Museum pushed through. Usually, I set dates to go there but it doesn't happen due to school requirements and such. This early on my review I dare to say that going to Pinto Art Museum is worth it. The views are just fantastic coupled by artworks that are unique. You can really see the hidden meaning of every work of art. The place is vast and they'll give you a map at the start. It really doesn't look like a museum but rather a big backyard. Of course, there are sceneries there that you just have to take a picture with to share with your friends and family. I went to take every picture that I can and I'll tell you, you can't take enough pictures of the place. There are arts even at the most subtle part of the museum.


The entrance fee for students is at Php 100.00 if you've brought your ID with you and Php 200.00 for the regular.

The Pinto Art Museum is open every Tuesday until Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

Lunch at Pinto Art Museum 

I ordered Chicken Teriyaki from their menu and it costs Php 325.00. Yes, I know that their meals are costly. Even I was surprised. I thought inside my head, "This meal must be worth the money. Don't fail me, Pinto." Hahaha. The waiting time for the food was long. It took about 15-25 minutes.

So this is the Chicken Teriyaki that I ordered. In fairness, their presentation on the food is good.

The food was okay. It tastes good but not really delicious. I mean I did get the food that is worth Php 325.00. Get it? Hahaha.

There is a work of art that really caught my attention. So when I saw it, I instantly knew what the artist wanted to convey through that art.

Every one of us goes through a hard challenge in our life. When we feel that we can't really go on and live life the same way because of the events that are happening. We see the negative in everything and we become pessimistic. Because of us not moving on in our life, we are being left out by the life that we should have.

Every problem has a solution and every time we fall, we must rise and be tougher to face the challenges of our life. It's hard at first but eventually it'll be easier when you've built confidence in yourself.  Always look on the positive side on everything that you'll do.

Love, Danica


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