Sunday, 17 April 2016

Review: Lip Plumper and Lightening from Mischka Derma Secret

Lip Plumper and Lightener from Mischka Derma Secret

Product Description:
Hydrates and softens lips and reduce the appearance of lip lines. Restores natural lip color.

Mild minty scent is the best way to describe the smell of this product. I just love to take a sniff at this beautiful scent because it really calms you. 

The product is light on the lips. It is also oil-based but it doesn't feel like oil; doesn't give you that sticky feeling. I used this because I need to bring back the natural color of my lips. My lips got a bit darker due to a wide variety of lip products that I try on (Lipstick addiction. Hihi). After I've used up an entire bottle of the Lip Plumper and Lightener, I didn't see any drastic lightening of my lips. But I did notice that my lips was moisturized throughout the day. No to dry and cracked lips. Hahaha. After the second bottle of the product, that's when I really see the lightening of my lips. I was so happy back then because I'm seeing the progress of my lips turning to its natural color. So, I just continued using this. And after the third bottle, I can really say that this product is effective. My lips went a shade lighter. You just need to be patient and consistent with the application of this product until you get your desired color of your lips. Until now, I'm using the Lip Plumper and Lightener because of how good it is. It never went out of my daily routine. I use this every night after I removed the lipstick marks. So happy with this product. I recommend this highly for people having trouble in maintaining their lips.

After my second bottle :)

After my 3rd bottle of Mischka Derma Secret's Lip Plumper and Lightener

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Love, Danica

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