Sunday, 10 April 2016

Review: Glow white soap from Fair and Glow

Glow White Soap from Fair and Glow

Product Description
Made with unique tri-active whitening ingredients rosehip, kojic-papaya and glutathione. It clears the skin of blemishes, spots and make the skin glow.

Directions for use
Use as a regular face and body soap twice a day. Lather into wet skin and then rinse. For best results use with fair and glow body brightening lotion.

This soap has a mild scent. The scent is very relaxing and refreshing to me. 

Yes, the soap produces a large amount of bubbles for that easy application to the skin. This soap feels a lot like lotion when you apply it to your skin. Of course, the usual downside of a soap that produces more bubbles is it's attribute of melting quickly. 

After several days of using this soap, my skin has dried because of the micropeeling effect. Your skin should always be exfoliated. Every other day would be sufficient. And the use of lotion is a must. On the first day, I felt itchiness on my skin but it normalized quickly. No redness or allergic reactions happened after that initial itching. Even when I experienced its micropeeling effect, it takes time before I saw my skin getting a shade whiter.

Exclusively distributed by:
Fair and Glow Skin Essentials

Made in the Philippines
Dermatologically Tested

For orders or inquiries, Follow @fairandglowmain
VIBER: 0925 789 0827


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