Sunday, 6 March 2016

Review: Superior Brightening Soap from Skin Potion

Skin Potion

Super Brightening Soap

Product Description
This whitening and exfoliating soap contains specialized ingredients that has moisturizing and nourishing effects on the skin. It exfoliates dead cells and stimulates cells supporting tissue regeneration, revealing a brighter and  smoother skin.

How to use
Apply to damp skin and massage into a light foaming lather for 1 to 2 minutes, to get the maximum whitening effect. Rinse with warm water and Pat dry.

The scent of this soap is too mild but in a good way. I can't really distinguish the scent of this soap but it does smell sweet.

The soap produces a lot of bubbles which is very good in my opinion because it's easier to apply on my skin when taking a bath. But it also melts easily, which is every bubbly soap's disadvantage. It has microexfoliators that can remove your dead skin cells.

This soap is a 2-in-1 for me because I don't need a scrub in using this. Because of the microexfoliators, my dead skin cells has been removed. I give this 5/5 in its exfoliating power. I did develop some rashes in the first time that I've used this soap but it's mainly because of me applying excessive pressure when using the soap. That was my fault. Another thing that I love about this soap is that my skin never went dry every after using it. My skin also glows after using it consecutively.  

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Love, Danica
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