Sunday, 20 March 2016

Review: Honey yogurt soap from Wildflower

Honey Yogurt soap from Wildflower

The scent is simply mild and it really does smell like a yogurt. It smells a bit funny though. Haha. 

This soap produces a decent amount of bubbles while having the quality of not melting easily. The soap is in a great balance. This really brings more bang for your buck. 

After first use, I noticed that my skin immediately softened. That effect really entices me. No allergic reactions happened while I was using this soap. While I was using this soap for some days, it caught my attention that my skin hasn't gone dry. It also helped in moisturizing my skin when I was using the bleaching for body. No negative experiences happened. 

This soap is really affordable and worth the try Php 275 each. Again, It doesn't melt easily, the soap lasted on me for a month.

For orders or Inquiries, Follow Wildflowerph on Instagram
Viber: 0917 833 3928

Love, Danica

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