Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Review: Superior 10 in 1 whitening set from Skin white solutions

Superior 10 in 1 whitening set from Skin White Solutions

* Superior 10 in 1 Soap *

It has a mild, sweet scent. You really can't stop adoring the smell of this soap. It's that good. 

The soap doesn't melt easily. It feels like its a 2-in-1 soap because of the scrub like part of the soap. It also contains fine beads. 

No allergic reactions occurred while using this soap. The micropeeling effect has started just after two days of using it! Wow! The effects of the soap surfaced easily when I used it. My skin slightly went dry because of the micropeeling of the soap. Unlike other soaps that totally dries your skin, this soap does it in a less aggressive way. This soap is no way, harsh to the skin. And yes, it does whiten your skin.

* Superior 10 in 1 scar vanisher *

It has a strong hosy scent to me. Maybe a little bit too strong but it smells good.

It was so easy to use this product. I use this on my mosquito bites. And the scars lightens up quickly. After two days, you'll clearly see a difference.

* Superior 10 in 1 Argan Scrub *

This! The scent of this soap was so lovely that I can't seem to keep myself from smelling this. It has a fruity scent that's not that strong. 

The texture of this scrub is quite creamy. It has microbeads to gently exfoliate your skin. Even if you put pressure when using this on your skin, it won't hurt!

I give this an 8/10 for its exfoliating power because for me, the microbeads are just too soft that it somehow weakens its effect. Don't get me wrong, this product is really effective. No itchiness and redness that I have experienced while using this.

* Superior 10 in 1 Day and Night Lotions *

Both lotions have mild scents. Both also have a fruity mix. It smells good even when it dried out on your skin.

After I apply this lotion in the morning, I noticed that it doesn't have that sticky feeling. My skin easily absorbed the lotion that I applied. In the evening, I also apply the lotion and I can see some whitening effects. Even when you're sweating, it won't bother you.

Final thoughts/Verdict

All in all, this set is really good. You're clearly spending your money here because every product came in perfectly. If you want to try this set, always remember that each one compliments each other. You have to apply it all the time even the lotions, to really see some difference.

Distributed by:
Skin White Solutions
Made in the Philippines

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Viber: 0917 334 9589

Love, Danica

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