Monday, 22 February 2016

Review: Bleach me please soap from sugar queen

Bleach me please soap from Sugar Queen

Active Ingredients
Kojic and mulberry extracts to bleach the skin in a natural way. Added more organic extracts to prevent for darkening after exfoliation.

It's almost the same as smell as their honey sugar wax product. Sweet and mild is the theme of this scent in my observation. 

It looks artsy for me. The soap is enveloped in brown paper. Just attach a ribbon and voila! Instant mini-gift for your friends. The packaging indicated the ingredients but sadly, it's not complete. 

The soap produces a quite large amount of lather when used. Of course, that's an A+ for me. But I think that advantage has also its downside. The soap easily melts. One cut of the soap will only be useful in two baths. 

My skin went a little dry after consecutive uses of the soap. Applying lotion after every bath is my solution to it. It doesn't really bother me. Itching, redness, and rashes weren't present when I was testing this soap out so  it's not harsh to the skin. The effects of the soap was in delay. It really isn't noticeable after every use. Maybe because my skin can't really adjust to the soap well. But yes, it did lighten my skin in the long run and it made my skin glow after every use.

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Love, Danica
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