Friday, 1 January 2016

Spray on treatment from Mischka Derma Secret

Mischka Derma Secret Spray on treatment

I'll be adding the product description soon.

It smells so good like a coditioner. 
It has a super sweet scent that soothes you. 

The product is within a super handy container which is also easy to use. It's inside a bottle spray.  You can bring it anytime, anywhere. Yay! The full description of the product is written there. Eh. Ingredients, directions on how to use, expiry date, etc. 

Just after I picked up the product from LBC, I opened it a once and tried it. It was a long walk under the blazing sun. After applying it my hair the first time, my hair got straight and soft because it got frizzy after my tiring walk. Hahaha! I noticed that it does not get sticky even after long hours. It also does not get my hair smell awful even when you are being soaked in the sun. There is no certain amount of sprays that you need to apply. It just depends on how long your hair is. It prevents my hair from getting messed up by Mother Nature. Haha! It also made my hair moisturized hence making it shiny. :)


I'm so happy with their products because of its sheer effectiveness and affordability. You can get this one for only Php 180.00

For orders or inquiries follow mischkadermasecret_main on Instagram
Viber: 0939 869 5081

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