Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Black Goddess from skin and curves

 Black Goddess

Product description
Potent whitening that guarantees no redness and sting. Vegan base bar with fruit whitening extracts, papain, beta arbutin and willow bark that slough off dead skin. Added licorice and aloe vera to prevent skin irritation.

I am so in love with this scent. It's so addicting. It's velvety smell is really one of a kind. And to top that, it's scent really sticks to your skin all day long. 

They adopted a new packaging style for their products and I can say that it has improved a lot. It now contains the product description and the ingredients used. 

Php 150.00 per bar. It really does much, much more in proportion to the price that it has. For a beauty soap, it can be considered affordable. 

After first use, the effects of the soap
were not that dramatic. It feels just like an ordinary soap. But it made my skin soft and supple. It did not went dry. For some reason, my skin went dry after several use of the soap. But it regains its moisture back the next day. No allergic reaction occurred while I'm using this soap. I'm really enjoying using this soap not just because of its great scent but also the glow that it applies to my skin. Yay! A week after using this soap (It also depends if your body can adjust and make full use of the soap's effects), I noticed that my skin got a shade lighter. The tan lines on my arms are less visible now. 

For me, this product is really worth it.  It really gives you nice end results. :)

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Love, Danica

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