Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Tomato Soap from Bella essencia

Tomato Soap from @bella_essencia 

Product description:
Treat open pores, glowing skin, Treats Acne (Rich in Vit. A and C), prevents excess oil secretion

At first, when you smell the soap, it doesn't have a distinguishing smell. But when it's used, it produces a sweet fruity scent. After taking a bath, the scent doesn't stick to the skin. :( But it's okay because even after sweating so much, you won't smell bad.

 Length of use 
I've started using this soap since October 4 until it isn't usable anymore. (almost 1 month)

Micro exfoliators are present in this soap. It slightly irritates my skin but it's minimal. It removes dead skin cells (3/5). It doesn't eradicate all dead skin cells but it nearly removes them all. At first use, my skin got slightly dry then after 1 day, it went back to normal. It moisturizes my skin after constant use. I tried using this on my face for 1 week. It's okay. No acne breakouts. Yay! 1 cut soap can last up to 1 week. This soap softens my skin every after use.

Just like any organic soap, the price is Php 124. This is quite pricey but it's the best bang for the buck. :) 
Will post my review about the tomato serum soon.

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With Love, Danica

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