Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Sugar Hair Removal Wax feom Sugarwueenph_Pasig

Sugar hair removal wax (Honey) from @sugarqueenph_pasig

It smells super sweet. The aroma of the honey perfectly exudes from the wax.

At first, I made a mistake because I let the wax melt so I did it all over again. It's quite inconvenient to get some wax from the container because the wax inside is hard so I used a heated spoon to get it. You just need a small amount for it to do its work. And yes, it removed all the hairs on my armpit. Plus, it doesn't hurt you when you remove it from your skin. It's not easy to perform the waxing at first when you're new to it. No irritation occurred during and after use. The soothing gel helps in stopping the itch after the use of the wax. It takes time before the hair grows again. Yay! Less chicken skin after waxing! Yay again! The soothing gel also smells good and it's not sticky or oily so it's not irritating to use. It gets easier to wax when you use it for the second time. 
Tip: Don't kneed it too much because it will melt.

It is budget friendly compared to a waxing salon that is usually priced at Php 400 and up. This wax costs Php 190 and it will last on you.

I really recommend this wax to everyone! 

For orders or Inquiries follow @sugarqueenph_pasig on Instagram

With Love, Danica

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