Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Rosehip with Licorice Body Lotion from Mischka Derma Secret

Rosehip with Licorice Body Lotion w/ SPF 30 from Mischka Derma Secret

Product Description:
This lightweight and immediately restore's the skin's moisture balance. A rich blend of advanced natural oils includinv Rosehip, Evening primrose and Licorice.

Water, Evening Primrose, Rosa Canina (Rosehip seed oil), Glycerin, Honey, Licorice Extract.

Mini product review:
-light pink in color, Super kawaii. Hihi
-it has a mild and sweet scent, the aroma of this lotion is not over powering.
-it's not sticky like the usual lotion that you apply on your skin.
-the lotion dries and gets absorbed on your skin quickly.
-there is an instant whitening effect after every use.
-My skin never gets dry the whole day unlike the usual lotions that after 3-4 hours, the skin goes back to normal.
-it can lighten your skin with continuous use of this product.
-it moisturizes my skin all day long. Super smooth and soft after every use.
-this lotion is one of my all time favorites. 😍

• Dermatologist-Tested
• Guaranteed High-Quality
• Pure, Safe and Effective

For orders or inquiries follow @mischkadermasecret_main on Instagram or check their website at

With Love, Danica

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