Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Premium Kojic Yellow from Skin Sensation

Premium kojic yellow from @fash_fabdiaries

Product description:
Fast whitening, prevents pimples and lightens dark spots, with peeling effect that win't dry your skin.

At first, it smells like a Perla soap but after using it and applying it on my skin it releases a sweet fruity scent which I love. Yay! 

Only one cut of the soap is good for 3 uses. It doesn't easily melt like other soaps that I've used before.

 When I first used it, I observed that it's like a normal soap. No instant whitening effect but on continuous use, it slightly whitens my skin. My skin never went dry when I was using this soap. I can say that this soap really moisturized my skin throughout the days that I've used it. I noticed after a week of using it, micropeeling started to take effect. But it was just minimal though. I've also noticed that I easily get darker when exposed to moderate amounts of sunlight. Maybe it's because of this soap being kojic so I need to bring an umbrella always. It made my skin sensitive to sun exposure. (don't forget to put lotion with spf)

For me, the pros outweighted the cons so I think that I'll try this soap again or maybe even recommend this to my friends.

This soap is budget friendly you can get it for only Php 100, 1 soap can last up to 1 month. :) 

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With Love, Danica

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