Monday, 16 November 2015

Natura Organics

Matte Lippies and Whitening pressed powder from Natura Organics.
Thank you so much Doc Mel for sending me these babies. <3

Let' start with my review!! Yay!!

Super Matte Lip Mate in the shade GLADIOLA

Soft Matte Lip Gem in the shade RED PETAL

Lip Eye Cheek in the shade CRANBERRY

The scent is super sweet. Just by the scent, you can already tell that it's an organic lipstick. It smells like lipstick, just like the scent of a regular lipstick but you'll get used to it. 

I used it from 9 am until 8 pm on a day. On what I've observed, the lipstick is visible throughout the day even after taking a meal. I've retouched once or twice during the day but only applied a small amount of the lipstick. This one is really long lasting indeed! 👍

I really love their packaging. The product is encased in a black and gold covering which is super classy for me. 

Hand swatches of the lippies. <3

Just a heads up! This is my first time in reviewing organic lippies so if what I think  is a certain color of a lipstick, that would be written here. I'm not a pro. Sorry. 😔

Bright colored lipstick. Orange with slight hints of pink color. This is a bright coral shade. Perfect for everyday use to have that youthful look.

The color is like a dusty rose with a purple tone to it. I really love this color! With just one swipe, it's super pigmented already. Yay!

CRANBERRY GLOW (lip eye cheek)
All in one! Wow! This will be my go-to-makeup! Very handy! This balm is very pigmented. I really love this color. When I applied this to my eyelids, it felt natural; not sticky. This is long lasting. The color leaves a stain even when I removed it with a tissue. It moisturizes my lips! Yay! Bye bye, dry lips! 

Instead of using this a powder, I used it as a tool for contour because of the darker shade that I got. This is super perfect for contouring. Not that dark and not that light. Perfect shade for contouring for my skin tone. The coverage is also buildable. Looks like I'll be using this more often. Hihi. My face didn't get oily on the parts where I applied this product.




With Love, Danica

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