Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Milky oat bran body scrub from the yellow cocoon

Milky Oat Bran Body Scrub @theyellowcocoon

Product Description:
Gently exfoliates dead skin cells with no irritation. With premium oat bran that guarantees non-abrassive even for sensitive skin. Helps lessen acne inflammation and other skin problems. Experience clearer and softer skin after even scrub.

The scent is too strong for me but  yes, it really does smell like milk and it releases a good scent. But the smell is a bit overpowering for me. This scrub is perfect for milk lovers!

The container of this product is really great because it prevents contamination from your other products.

It has a dry texture and it comes in  in a powdered form. It feels like it contains salt because the scrub relaxes me.

It can remove dead skins but it doesn't completely eliminates them. It removes only a small amount (4/5). It is not harsh on the skin, It is very light for me. It doesn't hurt even if you applied more force when scrubbing your skin.  Yes, it moisturizes my skin. I never experienced dry skin when using this soap so I really recommend this for those who has trouble in keeping their skin moisturized. No allergic reactions happened during the use of this soap.  My skin was shining or that "makintab" effect after use.

The product is affordable at the price of Php 220 . This scrub really holds itself together. I've used mine 4 to 6 times but you can't barely notice the difference when first used.

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With Love, Danica

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