Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Milk and Olive Soap from the handmade soap ave

Milk and Olive soap from @thehandmadesoapave

Product Description:
Prevents skin from drying, smoothens skin, stops the sign of premature aging

Cows milk, Olive oil, Glycerin, Sweet fragrance and essences.

The scent of the soap quickly fades after about 1 hour or so. It doesn't really make you smell bad or what but it would be better if the scent will last more on my skin.

This soap  produces large amounts of bubbles when being used which is a good thing. The product melts quite easily. :(

After my first use, my skin didn't get dry even when it's already noon. It deeply moisturizes your skin. It also made my skin super soft and smooth right after first use. No experience in itchiness and allergic reactions when I'm using this soap due to it being mild. This is just like a normal soap but the best thing about this is that it never makes your skin dry and it really moisturizes your skin down to its core.
The packaging was really neat and clean. You can find things that you want to know about the soap like the ingredients for example.

Again, what do I really like about this soap? It never makes my skin dry. It does what it does the best. As in.

This product is very affordable at 100 pesos only for 100 grams. You better hurry 'cause they're on a promo. Buy 2, take 1 free.

For Orders and Inquiries, Follow @thehandmadesoapave on Instagram

With Love, Danica

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