Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Kape Scrub from Kape Scrub

Kape Scrub from @kapescrub

Product description:
Our Kape scrub will exfoliate away skin imperfections while reducing cellulite, stretch marks, varicose veins and Acne.

Use 3-5 times per  week. Massage in circular motions, comcentrating on problem areas. Leave for 5-15 minutes before rinsing.

The product is encased in a clear plastic container and it includes the complete details of the product. The container looks definitely professional for me because of its overall design.

I super love the scent. I'm a coffee lover and the scent smells like solid coffee. The scent calms me. This scrub is really perfect for coffee lovers yay!

Coffee granules that has oil is embedded into the scrub. It has a low amount of oil though so it doesn't bother me or anything.

The scrub really relaxes me. So I recommend using this at night for a better sleep. For me, it isn't harsh to the skin. Even if I applied force to it while applying it to my skin, I never had any cuts or the like. There was redness when I've first used it but it's not bothering me and it doesn't hurt. It can exfoliate your skin. I rate this 5/5 when it comes to exfoliating power! After taking a bath, my skin was immediately moiturized. It feels like the oil from the scrub is still there but it doesn't give you a sticky feeling on your skin. It's still smooth and soft. It gave my skin a slight "shine" effect after using this. Yay! It feels like I'm using a lotion when I've used this daily. 
After three times using this scrub
My skin has finally adjusted to the benefits/effects of this scrub. I can now feel the claims of this product. For example, I can really feel the tightening effect of this scrub now when I've used it several times. I've noticed my skin being supple and glowing. It never went dry. On a serious note, I really want to use this scrub everyday but I think that my skin would be "over exfoliated". Hahaha! All in all, I really recommend this scrub! :)

Thank you Ms. Neriza of @kapescrub for introducing and letting me try your product. More power!! :)

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With Love, Danica


  1. Hi! Great review Danica! Hope you do well with your studies and new life as a blogger.

    Scream of SILENCE Blog

    1. Hi Michelle! :) Yay! Thank you for reading my review about this product! :) Thank you! :*

    2. Hi Michelle! :) Yay! Thank you for reading my review about this product! :) Thank you! :*


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