Monday, 16 November 2015

Giveaway with Noel Bazaar


Go to my Instagram account to join!! :)

Who wants to win shopping bags and free passes to the @NoelBazaar on Nov. 26-30 at the World Trade Center? 
Here's how:

1) Follow me @danicadelossantos and @noelbazaar on Instagram

2) Regram this photo with caption, "Can’t wait for a fun holiday shopping experience at the #NoelBazaar2015 this Nov. 26-30, World Trade Center! #NoelBazaarGiveaways"

3) Tag me @danicadelossantos, @noelbazaar and 5 of your shopping buddies 
5 winners will be selected by @noelbazaar on Nov. 24 and prizes can be claimed on Nov. 26-30. Good luck and see you there! ❤


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